The dark side of the Covid19 Force

The discretionary crisis.  The global corona virus psychosis is in full swing.   As of today (29 March 2020), 32 000 death have been reported worldwide, out of a nightmarish 685 000 confirmed cases (population:  7.8 billion people).  Canada has suffered an unimaginable 61 deaths, out of a whopping 5 616 confirmed cases (population 37 million); […]

The Project Management Project (C2)

Leadership and boss archetypes A manager stands where he sits; the leader sits where he stands Last week, I introduced the idea of the leadership spectrum, to help differentiate the causes and effects of various kinds of authority immanent to an individual’s emotional make-up.  Today, the three useful archetypes are explored:  the manager, the leader, […]

The Project Management Project (B7)

The PPA Schema   Orchestrating principle.  The PPA philosophy takes a holistic approach to the management of projects.  It emphasizes the organizational, procedural and executive facets of a firm’s corporate makeup.  In PPA, project management is much more than plans, processes and procedures, as shown in Figure 2.2.  The success of a project requires a […]

The Project Management Project (B6)

The point of Project Management   TPM: traditional project management PPA:  profitably performing asset Constraint trifecta (budget-schedule-quality) M&M:  Mechanics and mechanisms The project is a development process.  In previous articles, the question “when is a project completed” was raised, and answered differently, according to the project type.  The “spend project” ends when the budget is […]

The Project Management Project (B4)

We interrupt this broadcast to report on the breaking news from Kinder Morgan, on the state of the Trans-mountain pipeline project. The tyranny of mediocrity   The world needs less Cantnada.  Most Canadians who are familiar with the self-aggrandizing book The world needs more Canada – whose title would be tolerably tolerable if it had […]

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