The Project Management Project (B3)

Focusing on the wrong thing TPM: traditional project management PPA:  profitably performing asset Constraint trifecta (budget-schedule-quality) Valunomy vs cost effectiveness.  When a project is managed in accordance with the constraint trifecta discussed in a previous article (the ubiquitous cost-time-quality triangle), the necessary obsession with cost containment within the project management group will be translated into […]

The Project Management Project (B2)

Why traditional project management fails TPM: traditional project management PPA:  profitably performing asset Why project management fails.  Modern project management is taken to be sound.  Its theoretical underpinnings are assumed to be essentially complete save for a few details (echoing, in a sense, the 19th century views of physics before quantum mechanics and relativity obliterated […]

The Project Management Project (B1)

“The great tragedy of science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis with an ugly fact.”  T.H. Huxley EXQUISITELY EXECUTED MEDIOCRITY Failure as an option.  Everywhere, in every kinds of industries, projects tend to fail by default and succeed by exception.  The larger the project, the higher the probability of failure.  Global statistics on industrial and […]

The Project Management Project (A3)

Towards an investment-centric perspective Striving to thrive.  In the new paradigm introduced in the previous article, the matter of profitability of the future asset was placed at the top of management’s priority.  The management of the project, being circumscribed by the constraint diamond (see Figure 1.2 in previous article) becomes investment-centric.  This is what is […]

The Project Management Project (A2)

Failure continues to be the reality of projects Project vs Program vs Function.  What is a project?  It is an endeavor with a start and end date.  Examples include building a house, a plant, taking a trip to Andalusia and designing a new hire procedure.  When the end date is missing, it is a program, […]

The Project Management Project (A1)

FAILURE IS THE SOMBER REALITY OF PROJECTS Projects fail despite their professionalization.  Humans have managed projects since the dawn of civilization.  They built pyramids, warships, cities, irrigation systems.  Projects have forever faced constraints that will sound familiar to the modern reader: complexity, budgets, timelines, changes, labor, transportation logistics, construction techniques, quality assurance, and buy-in from […]

The Project Management Project

A new discussion series.  Welcome, everyone, to the launch of a new blog series on the subject of projects.  More specifically, projects that yield profit-generating assets or organizational structures, usually executed under a formalized project delivery schema, and headed by professional project managers versed in the art of traditional project management methods.  The topic is […]