Steven Keays, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. is a 30-years veteran of the aerospace, defense, manufacturing and Oil and Gas industries.  He is the founder and CEO of NAIAD Company and a graduate of Royal Military College of Canada. He is a specialist in large scale project management, global execution strategies, construction and modularization.   Since 2008, he has been active on hydrocarbon projects with footprints in North and South America, China, Japan, Korea and Russia.  His upcoming book, The Point – The Next Generation Project Management, features a complete methodology for managing complex industrial projects that goes beyond the traditional status quo to deliver profitably performing assets.  Mr. Keays resides in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Compelling speaker, moderator and though leader

Steven has engaged audiences of project, construction and business professionals around the globe.  He has addressed conferences as chairperson, speaker and round table moderator on such topics as project delivery within a globalized framework, clashes in safety philosophy across cultures, hidden dangers of cost-driven modularization, concepts in project ecosystems and innovation trends in large-scale project management.  An engaging presenter who like to challenge the status quo, Steven has a knack for framing issues quickly around what truly matters to success.  A genuine thought leader, people leave Steven’s sessions with new perspectives that can be acted upon in the here and now.  To quote Alex Chard, Director of Content & Programming: Healthcare & Legal at The Connex Group (NY, 2016):

“I have now had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Steven on two programs focused on Project Management within the Energy & Construction community, and I can say that without a doubt – Steven is one of the most gregarious, thoughtful, and knowledgeable individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. Steven’s ability is to work within the confines of any industry he’s faced with and make his presentations both coherent and comprehensive; he is a major reason why I’ve enjoyed working so closely with Steven.  He has that rare gift of being able to take a topic that may not be the most palatable to all individuals – and make it easily understandable, without ‘dumbing it down’ at any point. His sessions are engaging and motivating – all while challenging the audience to think through the problems that arise within their own project management scenarios and apply their critical thinking skills to that process. Steven’s interactivity with the audience is one of the reasons why I believe he is so often well received and able to speak to any community with authority and expertise.”

Areas of expertise

Project delivery strategies, global supply chains, mechanics and mechanisms of project management, performance assessment metrics, project ecosystem, construction and modularization, globally distributed engineering and procurement, design engineering, system engineering, simulation analytics, host, speaker, moderator, conference chair.