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Oil and Gas 3.0 – The Reboot

Nostradamus Lite.  The past two weeks have witnessed a flurry of movements in the industry far and wide, spurred on by the arrival of a new US administration and the ramifications of the OPEC deal struck back in December.  Signs abound about the long-awaited rebound in drilling, exploration, capital project approvals and renewed investment intentions […]

The message trumps all

Lost in translation.  In the aftermath of the US presidential election, it has been difficult to change the subject, no matter where one looks, reads or watches.  The political upheaval that is unfolding in the land of the free is palpable, fissiparous and oddly inchoate.  Amidst this tectonic shift in campaign finance quarters was a […]

Hocus Pocus

Stupefying inanity.  My daily net surfing session this morning stumbled upon a marvelous little news report regarding a vote by the City of Vancouver to ban all natural gas uses by 2050.  You can see the article at:  I wondered how many people actually took the time to think this one through.  Banning natural […]