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The new reference for all things project management is here!

 18 AUGUST 2017 Calgary, Alberta It is my pleasure to announce the official release of Investment-Centric Project Management, coming out globally this coming August, under the diligent care of J Ross Publishing, Inc., of Plantation, Florida, USA. Read more about the game-changing features of the book in the BOOKS page.  Your can pre-order ICPM directly […]

Capital projects in the era of $50 oil – Part 2

The two-legged stool.  In this second installment of my exploration of the new reality of capital project delivery, I take on a sacred cow of the project management dogma: the constraint trifecta, named for the trade-off triangle familiar to anyone who was ever associated with projects (see image below).  Traditional project management (TPM) practice states […]

Oil and Gas 3.0 – The Reboot

Nostradamus Lite.  The past two weeks have witnessed a flurry of movements in the industry far and wide, spurred on by the arrival of a new US administration and the ramifications of the OPEC deal struck back in December.  Signs abound about the long-awaited rebound in drilling, exploration, capital project approvals and renewed investment intentions […]

The ersatz science

It’s economy, stupid.  The field of economics has, over the decades, its moniker as the dismal science, from its inability to reliably predict and quantify the ups and downs of markets and economies.  Nobel prize notwithstanding, its variegated economic models struggle to jive with quotidian commiserations.  Imagine how physics would be regarded if it promoted […]

Of projects and men

From the monde to the mundane.  Wealth, in the broadest sense, is in large part generated by the successful operation of profitable assets.  Assets are so ubiquitous as to be invisible.  If you are sitting in a coffee shop right now, just take a look around you, starting with the space itself: everything that you […]