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Capital projects in the era of $50 oil – Part 2

The two-legged stool.  In this second installment of my exploration of the new reality of capital project delivery, I take on a sacred cow of the project management dogma: the constraint trifecta, named for the trade-off triangle familiar to anyone who was ever associated with projects (see image below).  Traditional project management (TPM) practice states […]

The long shadow of a black swan

Buyers of hope, beware.  Last week saw two news items in the National Post associated with the continuing blight of the energy industry.  On 16 September, the Post reported the approval of three oilsands projects by the Alberta government (“Alberta approves three oilsands projects worth potential $4 billion in investments”, by Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press).  […]

The Mirror Has Two Faces

Elvis has entered the building.  September in Canada signifies two things: 1) kids go back to school and 2) oil and gas producers begin their capex budget process for 2017.  There are subtle signs that the need to search for reserve replacement, bewailed in my previous blog the great dislocation, is appearing in the conscientiousness of planners.  […]