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The Project Management Project (B6)

The point of Project Management   TPM: traditional project management PPA:  profitably performing asset Constraint trifecta (budget-schedule-quality) M&M:  Mechanics and mechanisms The project is a development process.  In previous articles, the question “when is a project completed” was raised, and answered differently, according to the project type.  The “spend project” ends when the budget is […]

The Project Management Project (B4)

We interrupt this broadcast to report on the breaking news from Kinder Morgan, on the state of the Trans-mountain pipeline project. The tyranny of mediocrity   The world needs less Cantnada.  Most Canadians who are familiar with the self-aggrandizing book The world needs more Canada – whose title would be tolerably tolerable if it had […]

The Project Management Project (A2)

Failure continues to be the reality of projects Project vs Program vs Function.  What is a project?  It is an endeavor with a start and end date.  Examples include building a house, a plant, taking a trip to Andalusia and designing a new hire procedure.  When the end date is missing, it is a program, […]

The Project Management Project (A1)

FAILURE IS THE SOMBER REALITY OF PROJECTS Projects fail despite their professionalization.  Humans have managed projects since the dawn of civilization.  They built pyramids, warships, cities, irrigation systems.  Projects have forever faced constraints that will sound familiar to the modern reader: complexity, budgets, timelines, changes, labor, transportation logistics, construction techniques, quality assurance, and buy-in from […]

The Symbiocene Age – part Deux

This is the second part of a three-part series on the new Symbiocene age. Digital Pangaea.  The previous article concluded with the notion of a digital Pangaea made up of four plates: artificial intelligence (AI), the block chain, the energy lattice, and the digital-industrial (also known as the IIoT – industrial internet of things).  In […]