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B.  Investment-Centric Project Management  WAV contents

FREE contents (available here and from R Ross Publishing):

Investment-Centric Project Management.  An introductory overview of the concepts, theory, methods and benefits of managing project delivery in terms of long-term investment returns.

PPAMS.  Introduction to the principles and applications of the Profitably Performing Asset Management System, and its relation to ICPM.

Capital projects in the era of $50 oil.  Insights into the reasons why capital projects will not succeed when executed in accordance with traditional project management practice.

ICPM transformation.  A guide to the process of transforming a project delivery framework from the traditional perspective into the ICPM environment.

PECO.  Introduction to the concept of the project ecosystem and its importance as risk progenitor to capital projects.

Direct accountability.  A new paradigm that completely recasts the definition of accountability into three distinct components (accountability, responsibility, authority) formed into the directrix.

Valunomy decision-making.  A new paradigm for evaluating solution options on the basis of maximized future investment returns rather than immediate savings through cost effectiveness.

Gambler’s risk.  An exploration of the inner workings of the process to establish a realistic project budget from the get-go.

The Group of Seven.  Overview of the seven prime directives underlying the development of projects managed by ICPM.

ICPM lifecycles.  A new concept for orchestrating the entirety of the work implied by the realization of a capital project, with a view to corralling risks and maximizing its future success.

Deming principles.  A re-introduction of a timeless conception of quality as it applies to the day-to-day execution of a project.

Contract matters. A new take on an age-old source of risks to projects of all scales and types.

Bid mechanics.  Introduction to an ICPM-compliant process for awarding procurement and service contracts in support of a capital project.

Nucleation.  Introduction to a new project execution paradigm to manage project and asset information within the Internet-of-Things context.

PAID contents (available here read-only, editable from J Ross Publishing):

Unit Transformation Process (UTP).  Editable template to model a project’s anticipated UTPs.

Performance Assessment Metrics.  Editable project plan template for the selection and calculations of metrics by which execution performance of a project is assessed, in real time.

Acceptance Maturity Model.  Working template to measure the viability of a potential vendor to support the project, in accordance with the ICPM-compliant bid mechanics.

Baseline Asset Execution Framework.  Comprehensive and editable plan template for the development of a project’ overarching management strategy.

Global Component Strategies.  Comprehensive and editable plan template for the development of the BAEF’s functional components (engineering and design, procurement and contracts, logistics, fabrication, construction, and information management).

Phase Execution Plan.  Comprehensive and editable plan template to govern the execution of the scope of work associated with a specific ICPM lifecycle phase of the project.

Interface Management Plan.  Comprehensive and editable plan template for the implementation of an interface management strategy and its execution during a project.

Project Completion Plan.  Comprehensive and editable plan template to close a lifecycle phase and / or a project.