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We interrupt this broadcast to report on the breaking news from Kinder Morgan, on the state of the Trans-mountain pipeline project.

The tyranny of mediocrity


The world needs less Cantnada.  Most Canadians who are familiar with the self-aggrandizing book The world needs more Canada – whose title would be tolerably tolerable if it had been written from without, incidentally –  will get the inside joke on this petulant header.  Over the past two years, I have published many posts and articles on the appalling greenist politics of this country when it comes to hydrocarbon projects.  I have seen on multiple occasions on Linkedin the image of dogmatic holier-than-thou activists holding up the placard about leader not building pipelines (no doubt assembled in one place after driving their gasoline-powered cars and trucks to get there).  Their willing ambassador and self-appointed environment “leader” of the global movement is the country’s own prime minister, happy to wallow in pontificating speeches about Canada leading the way.  Never mind that Canada’s entire greenhouse gas emission output hovers around 1% of global totals, out of which 60% are produced by cars, planes, trains and vessels.  Canada could turn into a Neolithic society overnight, it would be recorded as a rounding error relative to the combined emission rates of China and the United States.


The fundamental truth is that the world couldn’t care less about Canada’s self-professed virtue-signaling in climate change, societal equality and gender equipartition.  Canada is invisible on the global stage, impotent in the political sphere and irrelevant to the realm of security.

Kinder Morgan’s announcement regarding a cessation of all activities on the federally approved Trans-mountain pipeline project, has cemented, in the eyes of the world, what Canada really is: a country that can’t, that won’t, come hell or high water.  This is Cantnada, the peoplekind country willfully subjugated to the tyranny of mediocrity at all levels of governments.  Cantnada is no place for serious investors. It is the place where risk capital is met by capital punishment.

One mediocre ring to rule them all.  The tragedy of this latest farce has yet to unfold fully (that will come on May 31, when Kinder Morgan pulls the plug), yet its ending is irrevocable.  The rent seekers, the absolutists, the hypocrites and the non-vested interests will win the day.  They will have confirmed a greater tragedy underpinning the nation: that mediocrity is the new political hegemon.  The nation is headed by a poser who can’t, and won’t walk the talk.  Obfuscating provinces are led by power-hungry sycophants wedded to special interest group active in wealth-extorting activities, paid others.  Mayoral “lordships” act like petty fiefdom marquis with a view of the big picture defined in terms of the size of their office windows.  Mediocrity abounds all around, always talking, never listening and never producing value-addition in anything it does.  Mediocrity has taken over the social discourse as well.  We have entered the age of the tolerance for the intolerant, and intolerance for the tolerant.  Intelligent debate is shun, lest it reveals myriad fractures in the logical fabric of specious arguments.   The very notion of accountability is gone – witness a prime minister, found guilty of breaking ethics rules, yet remains in place, unscathed, uncensored, and un-punished.  British Columbia blatantly ignores federal jurisdiction, and no consequence accrues to it.  A petty city mayor sets aside the entire regulatory approval process when it rules in someone else’s favour, and $10B in capital investment is allowed to wither away, without any immediate consequence.  The regulatory process is revamped, and recast by social righteousness molds, and nobody puts a stop to it.

Mediocrity is new black.  This is Cantnada today.  Tolerance of the intolerant will be enforced.  Intolerance of the tolerant is a full-on jihad.  Posing, parlaying, rent-seeking, pandering and economic illiteracy are the new tools of the political gentry.  Leadership has been sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.  Accountability is for those who have no voice, nor the means of playing outside the rules.   This is Cantnada today.

And it will remain so until the silent majority affirms its claim of ascendency over its governments: of the people, by the people, for the people.


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